Results for the Sue Ryder lottery are drawn every Friday using a random number generator, allocating one prize for each lucky number drawn. Prizes are distributed to the winners by means of Cheque or Prize Entry letter for subscribed players. For players who buy tickets in our charity shops, prizes up to £10 can be claimed in cash, with higher prizes paid by cheque. People playing our lottery must be aged 16 years or over. Whilst the odds of winning a prize fluctuate depending on the number of players in our draw, for the draw dated 01/01/2021 players had a 1 in 130 chance of winning a prize in the weekly lottery draw. In 2020 after paying out prize money and running costs, Sue Ryder received 85.23% in donations from every £1 ticket in our lottery, 6.80% was spent on prizes and 7.97% on expenses.

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